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Both personally and professionally, I care deeply about the state of our future, the intention of my work is to do everything I can to make the world around us a better place. I became a fellow because one of my long-term goals is to work in the social development sector and FLIA is a great avenue to build my career and getting acquainted with the field. I look forward to growing my many passions into a career in international relations and development.


I am thrilled to have the opportunity to serve as the Program Evaluation Fellow at Youth Inc. this Fall through their partnership with Future Leaders In Action (FLIA). At Youth Inc. I will be working to develop an Alumni Support Program for the graduates of their Metrics Program which began in 2013 and has grown tremendously over the past six years. The Metrics Program does not currently have any formal alumni engagement strategies/initiatives and that is what I will be building through my research.


I enjoy the research aspect of my new role because I will be engaging alumni, making new discoveries through those conversations, gaining new knowledge, learning new skills and coming up with new ideas and having a chance to contribute in a significant way to the organization's development. I will be applying the experience I gained during my service year with Americorp Public Allies where I also had the opportunity to conduct quantitative and qualitative research to develop a program for another influential New York City nonprofit and their partner organizations.

My main goal in this project is to use the results of my quantitative and qualitative research to organize and present a comprehensive proposal for the Youth Inc.’s Alumni Support Program.


Youth Inc. and FLIA’s programs and mission appeal to me because they are consistently working with youth-focused organizations across New York City to boost their capacity and long-term outcomes. Youth are the heart of NYC's future.


The funds I raise here will go towards supporting my project at Youth Inc. If you can, please consider donating and/or sharing this with family and friends. Thank you for your generosity, time and consideration.




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