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Welcome and thanks for taking the time to look at my fundraising page! 

My name is Roslyn and I am working as a Future Leaders in Action (FLIA) fellow with YSS in Ames. Future Leaders in Action is a non-profit that believes in providing people, especially those from minoritized groups, the ability to develop leadership skills and experiences that will allow them to successfully enter the workforce. FLIA pairs paid fellows with youth-oriented non-profits that create change in their communities. 

This fall I am working with YSS in Ames. YSS wants to see children, teens, young adults, and communities thrive all across Iowa. YSS provides programs and services such as child welfare emergency services and shelter, counseling and addiction treatment, foster care programs, education and prevention programs, and many many others. I am working on two projects through YSS. The first project is designing a website that features information about the dangers of human trafficking as well as guides for creating Teens Against Human Trafficking (TAHT) teams and leading discussions around human trafficking in the classroom and community. The second project is to develop a media strategy for promoting the message of Achieving Maximum Potential (AMP). AMP is focused on supporting foster and adoptive children and has created short videos of successful adults who were once in the system to inspire youth and prospective foster parents. 

As a recent college graduate, doubling in Biology and Women's and Gender Studies, it was difficult to decide what to do with my degrees. I soon realized that I didn't have professional social sector experience under my belt and when I found that the FLIA fellowship allowed me to work with YSS, I realized this was the perfect opportunity to help my community and gain applicable experience. Throughout my college career, YSS's amazing work was frequently a subject of discussion and I am so incredibly honored and excited to be able to work with them this fall!

This is where you come in! 

As a fellow, I have the opportunity to raise money that allows FLIA to continue offering this internship so non-profits have extra help reaching their goals. Even in my short time with this fellowship, I know that I am learning new skills as well as giving resources to my community to help make a change. If you would like to support FLIA and by extension YSS, please consider a tax-deductible donation! Any amount helps and if you cannot afford to that's okay, letting others know on Facebook or other social media would also be incredibly helpful. 

I appreciate your attention and generosity and if you have any questions about my fellowship, YSS, or TAHT please feel free to contact me at:

With gratitude,


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