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To give me ideas about my summer plans, I reflected back on the experiences I was fortunate to have during my Dowling High School days and my first year at St. Olaf. I realized I love working with children and want to give kids the same opportunities I was so blessed to have.

This summer I am ecstatic to have been selected to be a fellow for Future Leaders in Action (FLIA). With a large pool of applicants, about 3% were selected to be a fellow, each paired with a different organization. As a fellow this summer I will be working with Variety – The Children’s Charity. I am getting a head start in growing my professional and leadership skills that I will need for future opportunities. I’ll gain knowledge for my passion of working with youth and charities.

FLIA is a non-profit with a mission of “cultivating leaders, strengthening non-profits, and supporting youth.” Variety is dedicated to bettering the lives of underprivileged, at-risk, and special needs children. 

My project this summer is to help reconstruct the two-part Mobility program. Bikes for Kids (BFK) gives a new traditional bike, helmet, and lock to a child that otherwise cannot get one. The other half is providing a specialized bike for a child that has special needs. These bikes are much pricier but have a tremendous physical and therapeutic value.

I am passionate about the Mobility program because of the lessons it encompasses. I remember how excited I was when our family friends gave me a bike. I rode the bike all summer, up and down the hill. I was the one toy I never stopped playing with, until I outgrew and worn the bike out. A bike allows the child to grow, be independent, and learn life skills. They learn to take care of a special item that needs to be kept safe. As a newly young college student, I have gained a new appreciation for healthy living. By giving a child a bike, it teaches them the importance of staying active while still having fun.

You can help support FLIA and Variety by making a donation – any lil’ bit helps in supporting these two amazing organizations. And please share this page to others who would be interested in learning more about FLIA and Variety’s Mobility program!

Thank you so much for all the generosity and giving your time of day to read over about what I am doing and learning about more about these organizations.


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