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This summer I am lucky enough to serve as a fellow with Future Leaders in Action (FLIA) working with the Boys and Girls Club of Central Iowa (BGCCI).

FLIA is a non-profit that works to develop young leaders starting careers in the social sector (me!). FLIA partners with other non-profits around the country (like Boys and Girls Club) and selects fellows to work on specific projects for these partners.  

Along the way FLIA provides fellows with many opportunities to develop skills as leaders. For example, I spent the last week of May in Chicago on a retreat with the seven other inspiring fellows. We dove into all kinds of leadership develop topics – we reflected our values and strengths as leaders, learned about Trauma-Informed Care, and how to lead with an appreciation of diversity and inclusion. The retreat was just the start of the programming that makes FLIA so special. Throughout the summer I’ll be in touch with my cohort, all over the country, as we work to practice our leadership skills and support one another all summer long.

Here in Des Moines, I’ll be developing a program evaluation plan for the Boys and Girls Club. The Boys and Girls Club is all about providing a safe place, supportive role models, and quality programs that help club members become well-rounded adults. I’ll be helping the Club’s mission by bringing in data about the kids’ experiences and outcomes to improve the club experience. I’ll work with Club staff, at each of the five clubs in Des Moines, set up goals for program improvement and a plan to use data to track their progress along the way.

I hope to head back to Austin in August knowing that I have set BGCCI up for success, learned a lot more about program evaluation, and I’ve explored every corner of Des Moines (I already have a favorite booth at the farmers market!).

I hope you understand how special this opportunity is – and if you are able, I ask that you consider donating whatever you can to support my project and FLIA. Any funds raised go towards the expenses of my particular project and make the partnership between FLIA and Boys and Girls Club possible.

If you are unable to donate at this time, please share this with your friends and family – and help me get the word out about these amazing organizations! If you have any questions about the fellowship, FLIA, BGCCI, or my thoughts on mid-west living (can’t say I miss the Texas summer heat too much) – please reach out!


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